Maia Lee Photography: Blog en-us (C) Maia Lee Photography (Maia Lee Photography) Thu, 14 Sep 2017 23:24:00 GMT Thu, 14 Sep 2017 23:24:00 GMT Maia Lee Photography: Blog 120 80 Mike & Charlotte I had the pleasure of shooting my good friends engagement photos this past week. I am so excited for you both to continue to grow together! 

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Abandoned School Abandoned places. 

I have always been drawn to places that have been untouched and seem to pause in a moment of time. 







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Home and Memories Home & Memories 

I was just at home, visiting my parents and we had some amazing weather, so I took advantage. These are just common places that I grew up looking at and now, since I have left the area, I realize how special and wonderful those places are to me. 


Potter Home Home Home Home

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Noticing Fine Art Fine art, is something that I recently started taking photographs of. I kept noticing different patterns on rocks, sand, wood, etc., and thus these photos came out. I have realized it is different mind set, than that of portraits and is something that I am starting to get used to. I do think it is interesting part of photography and I would love some insight on what I could do better. 


Fine Art

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Here we go Hey there, 

So I am finally going to try to get my photo website up and I have been saying for sometime now. I am planning on blogging twice a month about projects I finished, projects I started, or have been thinking about as well as photos that I find amazing. They may be inspirations or my own, we shall see. 

Here's to a new start! 

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Welcome. Hey there everyone!

I have been struggling with finding the right website and how to design it for years. I finally decided that I just need to do it. Anyway, welcome to my website! I hope you all enjoy the photos and if you want to see the adventures that go with them, check out my blog:

Enjoy the adventures and pictures!


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